By: Joan Hammond, Program Supervisor

Greenlight Family Services opened its Springfield office in July 2019 to serve families
who live in central and southern Illinois. Greenlight’s Springfield office employs Family
Development Specialists who work with the Family Matters program and the Adoption
Listing Service of Illinois (ALSI). The Family Matters staff work with post adoption
families through referrals from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
(DCFS) and with foster parents through referrals from a private agency. The Family
Matters staff work with successor cases, minor adoptions, adult guardianships, back-up
planning, educational advocacy, and juvenile court advocacy.

Recently, the Miller family, who adopted their son using Greenlight services out of the Springfield office, had this to say about their experience with the agency, “Working with Greenlight was a smooth process from beginning to end. All of our questions were answered quickly and any concerns we had were addressed quickly. We have adopted four children through various agencies, and the adoption through Greenlight was by far the easiest one.” Referrals and inquiries can be made by contacting Greenlight Family Services, 773-728-7800 or Contact Us

The Family Development Specialist with ALSI assists DCFS and other social service agencies with finding forever families for children in foster care. These children reside in foster homes or residential settings. They develop a recruitment plan tailored to the child’s strengths and needs. The ALSI unit has a mailbox available to area caseworkers via Outlook to submit referrals and registration information on youth who require matching and recruitment services. Submit to the mailbox or fax to 312-268-6314. Individuals interested in adoption can also contact Greenlight Family Services at 773-728-7800 or view the Heart Gallery of Illinois.

The Greenlight staff in the Springfield office for both programs are very dedicated to working with Illinois youth in care and Illinois families to achieve permanency. We are proud of our work with the Miller family and countless other forever families in central and southern Illinois.