Every child deserves a family.

That is the mission of Greenlight Family Service’s newest program, the Adoption Listing Service of Illinois (ALSI). You may be wondering why this program is so important. What makes ALSI deserving of a grant from Wendy’s Wonderful Kids? What is ALSI, and why does it matter?

Everyone in the state of Illinois who is interested in adopting or fostering through the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) gets directed to Greenlight. Yes, you read that right- everyone in the entire state who wants information on adoption and fostering gets directed to the ALSI program at Greenlight. Not only does Greenlight manage the Adoption Information call number (1-800-572-2390), but it is home to a wonderful team of Adoption Recruitment Specialists.

It takes a special kind of person to be an Adoption Recruitment Specialist. They work directly with licensed families and with foster children ready for adoption to find the right family for each child. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids has recognized how truly exceptional the ALSI recruiters are. They have granted Greenlight $140,000 so that the ALSI Adoption Recruitment Specialists can truly dedicate time and energy into matching children with their forever families.

Not only that, but our very own supervisor to ALSI, Katie Friend, was recently recognized for her hard work and dedication. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids selected Katie as the winner of the Outstanding Supervisor Award. The staff at Greenlight are unbelievably proud of her! Read more about Katie here.

Thank you Wendy’s Wonderful Kids! Greenlight thanks you on behalf of all the beautiful children in Illinois who are dreaming of their new families!